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Highlight - Thick Hair Blonde AF

Highlight - Thick Hair Blonde AF - Lakewood Ohio

At Blushing Beauty Salon we require a consultation before any lightening service. The reason we find it important is that it helps determine the proper time to book lightening services such as highlight and balayage . When it comes to these categories it can still be broken down and recategorised from a partial highlight to a full highlight or a partial balayage to a full balayage. Don't forget it can even break down into one of our BB combo services combining multiply techniques.

We have Ashton here from Lakewood, Ohio coming in with a thick head of hair. At our consultation, she mentioned wanting highlights. When it comes to the amount of gorgeous hair she has a full highlight wouldn't do her justice. She would need a Blonde AF to help balance her natural amount of hair to showcase the blonde hair. An in-salon consultation saved her from wasting time and energy booking the wrong appointment.

We gave Ashton a Blonde AF and painted her ends with a balayage technique to ensure all her previous warmth was removed to give her the bright blonde she was looking for.

If you are interested in Blonde AF give Blushing Beauty Salon a call at 216.716.9844 to set up your appointment. Please follow us on Instagram at @BlushingBeautySalon.

Highlight - Thick Hair Blonde AF - Lakewood Ohio


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