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Blonde Transformation - Signature Blonde AF

Blonde Transformation - Parma Heights

This Blonde transformation is a common situation we find clients in. Not knowing what to book or even what would be the best technique needed to hit their hair goal. At Blushing Beauty Salon, we require a consultation for this very exact reason. Continue below to see how we did it!.

Michelle comes to us from the Parma Heights area. She was making a transition from a platinum retouch to something with less maintenance. At another salon in her area, that stylist gave her a full highlight. The coverage wasn't enough of a transition, and it was more of a jump from what she wanted. Since she had a platinum retouch for so many years, the full highlight didn't give enough blonde at her roots. The slightest difference in technique can make the difference from full coverage to not enough coverage. That issue also led her down the wrong road of using purple shampoo to make her hair blonder. We have all been down that road before; look at another blog that I wrote a few weeks back, The Dark Side of Purple Shampoo: Why overusing it can be a problem.

After searching online for a salon that specializes in blondes, Michelle found us to help get her back to what she was used to. This is where our consultations come into play. To jump right in and give her the bleach retouch that she's used to wouldn't be the answer. She now has a sparse inch of regrowth on the top and about 2 inches on the underneath. We would have to correct her last service and create a better blend, so she doesn't end up with banding. Our stylist explained our signature Blonde AF technique to blend her roots and give a softer grow out. Michelle agreed and look at the difference! She can also put that purple shampoo on the back shelf for now.

For her next appointment, we gave her the ability to choose from another Blonde AF or a Platinum Retouch. Depending on how she likes the grow out she will have options. Keep in mind a platinum retouch will need a 4-6 week touchup to maintain that vibrant blonde. Anything longer will cause issues with banding and seeing that yellow undertone come through.

Blonde Highlights


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