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We LIFT the natural lashes, creating a soft curve that lasts up to eight weeks. Adding a darker tint will help ACCENTUATE the lashes with no need to add mascara.

This is a very relaxing and enjoyable treatment. The entire experience is so comfortable and painless that many clients often doze off while Jessica works her magic... only to wake up with voluminous, dark, long eyelashes!

LIFT ONLY $65 / LIFT & TINT $85 

Lash Lift - Blushing Beauty Salon
Lash Extensions - Blushing Beauty Salon

lash extensions

We attach mink lashes one by one, creating a soft curve with our classic set. For the more daring, our hybrid set gives a fuller look with a customized pattern. False lashes will not only enhance your eye shape but give you the confidence to bring all the boys to the yard.

The entire service takes around 2 hours to complete. follow-up appointments are recommended to maintain a full look.


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