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Full Balayage - Brunette to Soft Beige Blonde

Before and After - Full Balayage - Brunette to Soft Beige Blonde

Irina was looking for an easy grow-out with her balayage. During our consultation looking over some inspo pics, we discovered she wanted dimension at her roots showing more of her natural color with soft blonde pieces throughout with solid ends for more impact. This gives someone that is a brunette with long hair a major change while not feeling washed out being too light at the roots, it helps maintain the rich natural tones that work well with her skin tone. Overall enhancing and balancing her new look!

We like to see Irina every 6 weeks to maintain her soft beige blonde. Her drive from Parma, Ohio isn't bad at all because her maintenance appointment is usually 15-20 mins. You have to remember brunettes naturally pull more orange, red, or dark yellow around that 6-week mark. It may be annoying to most people - but it's actually a good sign that your hair is naturally healing itself. Those unwanted tones are managed by coming in for a maintenance appointment. We highly suggest booking that before you leave the salon to ensure you don't miss the window to maintain your brassy-free hair.

If you are interested in a balayage give Blushing Beauty Salon a call at 216.716.9844 to set up your appointment. Please follow us on Instagram at @BlushingBeautySalon.

Full Balayage - Brunette to Soft Beige Blonde - Parma Ohio


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