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Blonde Highlight - BB Combo Service

Before and After - Blonde Highlight - Brecksville Ohio

Bayleigh came to us from Brecksville, Ohio and was ready to be BLONDER! She knew she wanted high-impact straight to the root. After her consultation, we knew she was a great candidate for a Blonde AF. We had to put in foils back to back to blur her natural color and hit the ends with a combo highlight and balayage technique to brighten them up. This took her from the natural blonde she came in with, to that bright natural cool-blonde she walked out with.

If you are interested in a Blonde AF give Blushing Beauty Salon a call at 216.716.9844 to set up your appointment. Please follow us on Instagram at @BlushingBeautySalon.

Blonde Highlight - Brecksville Ohio


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