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Color Correction - BB Combo Service

Before and After - Color Correction - Cleveland Ohio

If you're looking to see a dramatic change in hair color, take a look at this amazing transformation. From warm and brassy to sleek and sophisticated, this hair makeover will give you that fresh-faced look!

At Blushing Beauty Salon we require a consultation before any lightening service. The reason we find it important is that it helps determine the proper time to book and the correct service. It's easy to look at a photo and think it seems pretty easy to get there. The reality is there's a lot of factors that come into play when trying to achieve certain looks.

The starting point is and will always be the main factor! If the hair's condition or previous colored hair isn't where it needs to be, the chances are slim getting there in one session. It may take multiply sessions to hit your hair goals which brings me back to the importance of our consultations.

Here we have what seems to be a lighter shade of hair color and she's wanting to go blonder. There are a couple of red flags we came across during the consultation:

  1. The all-over tone seems to look warm or brassy. The first thought is this tone is unnatural and more than like came from a previous service.

  2. The chances are high that a blonde box dye or a permanent color was used. The second thought is color does not lift color.

These red flags are HUGE! The information gathered during our consultation determined this client actually needed a color correction, which is not so easy to fix. Every strand needs to be lightened on some level to move past the brassy tones to ensure they reach the target shade of blonde. We gave her a Blonde AF with a BB combo service combining multiply techniques to achieve this look.

We were excited to see how light she lifted with one session but these results are not always guaranteed. Our stylist hit it out of the park on this one!

If you are interested in going blonde give Blushing Beauty Salon a call at 216.716.9844 to set up your appointment. Please follow us on Instagram at @BlushingBeautySalon.

Color Correction - Cleveland Ohio - Blushing Beauty Salon


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