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Blonde Highlight - Blushing Beauty "Blonde AF"

Blonde Highlights

Hannah is a Lakewood native and she came in wanting to go lighter and brighter blonde. She also was interested in wanting low maintenance. We packed in the highlights with a Blonde AF and gave her a root smudge bringing it down a couple of inches to help blend in her natural color.

This technique will allow Hannah to come in for her 6-week toner to maintain her bright blonde and not worry about her roots. Since we took her highlights to the top, as the root smudge color fades the highlights will pop through.

If you are interested in a Blonde AF give Blushing Beauty Salon a call at 216.716.9844 to set up your appointment. Please follow us on Instagram at @BlushingBeautySalon.

Blonde Highlights - Blonde AF - Lakewood Ohio


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