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Why does my hair get brassy?

Do you ever feel like your hair is just not meant to be? Do you have a lot of brassiness in your locks that can't be tamed with shampoo and conditioner alone? Well, if this sounds like you then we've got the perfect solution for you!

In my last blog post I talked about some tips on how to get rid of dull looking hair. Today I want to focus more on lightening up those dark locks. If your main goal is getting rid of that brassy color then this article will help guide you through what work best for it. Read on for more info!

Hair gets brassy when the color starts to fade. Hair care experts recommend maintenance appointments to get toners refreshed and glazed every 6-8 weeks, so that any unwanted tones are removed. This prevents the brassiness from showing up in our locks and helps keep our locks looking their best!

All hair types and colors are susceptible to seeing those unwanted brassy tones. Blondes see more of a yellow tone and brunettes see more of an orange tone. Besides coming in for your toner appointments at Blushing Beauty Salon, we recommend using a purple shampoo. These shampoos are a perfect at home solutions to control the unwanted tones until your next appointment. They are recommended to be used as needed or at most once a week. Over using purple shampoo is another whole topic and we can get into in another blog.

Hair can also get brassy as it ages because pigment cells called melanocytes create more pigment over time - this process reduces levels of other pigments found in your hair including reds and yellows which have been depleted by daily exposure to sunlight

- one way you may be able to slow down this process is through using products high in vitamins A, C, E which help support healthy skin cells.

We recommend scheduling your toner appointment before you leave the salon to reduce the chances of seeing those unwanted tones.

At Blushing Beauty Salon in Lakewood, Ohio we are dedicated to all aspects of beauty and style, from the latest trends in cuts and colors to the most advanced beauty techniques, we are here to give our clients the ultimate experience in pampering from head to toe. Our mission is not only to create a beautiful appearance but to nurture the spirit and inspire the mind. Our goal is to lift and challenge current industry standards.


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