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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's my next step? 

Talk to your wedding party and get the final count of what services are wanted. We offer both hair & makeup and understand not everyone in the wedding party will get all services. You are always open to offer out of town guest our services, if needed. It's important for me to know the final count to answer other questions you may have.

How do I book Blushing Beauty for my wedding day?

Once you have your final count a deposit needs to be made to hold the date. We ask for a 30% deposit of the total amount (non-refundable) Along with the downloadable contract that can be mailed, dropped off, or brought in with your trial as long as the date is available.

When should I book my trial?

I suggest 1-2 months before your wedding date. Most brides are letting their hair grow or are in transition with color. With that said you can still book your trial at any point that works for you. You can call or email a few dates and times. Please be understanding during wedding season Saturdays are not available. We book an 1.5 hours to consult and updo and 45 minutes for makeup.

Do I need to supply anything?

Nope, we supply everything we would need for all onsite weddings. We also can supply Mimosa's and Pastries if needed. Please check out price list for more details.

Can I add someone after the contract is sent in?

Yes, you can add as long as you email us and time permits. 

Do I have to pay extra for large wedding party?

Nope, we determine if more stylist are needed depending on how big the wedding party is. You are paying solely per service, so prices stay the same.

What does ready time mean?

We need to know what time does everyone need to be out of the salon. I will make sure to time things to be completely done with hair and/or makeup 15 minutes before that time. I also will give a start time for the morning once the final count is given, and timing is worked out. 

Do we all have to be up and ready for start time?

I do suggest to have 2-3 girls at a time willing and able to get serviced at any time. The morning schedule is run very tight and we usually are not in a position to wait around. If a bridal party member is more then 15 minutes late there will be a $15 charge added to their service and any service after that. Please be aware there may be other appointments following your party and we need to be considerate of their start time.

How do I make the final payment?

We will send an invoice for full payment a month before and it is due a week before the wedding date. If there are any add-ons the day of, that would need to be paid cash or check.

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